So I wanted to start with something pretty basic: skin types vs. skin conditions.  These two things tend to get mixed up quite often, so I wanted to clarify them a bit for you.  Skin types are set.  Its the kind of skin you’re born with, and your skin type will not change for the majority of your life.  Skin conditions are things that happen to your skin over time. They can be brought on from products, hormones, diet, age, etc.  Skin conditions can be changed or corrected over time, but I will get more into that later.

First, skin types:

  • Normal (what we all dream of)
  • Dry (can be challenging)
  • Oily (comes with it’s own set of problems)
  • Combo (the best of both worlds!)

Skin types are usually genetic (so blame you’re mom if you’d like!), and cannot be changed. It’s just what we’re stuck with, so figuring out your skin type is important.  Lets say you have oily skin… you will have oily skin for life, but in varying degrees. For instance, I’m 34, and my skin is crazy oily. I will start to get shiny within about 3 hours of applying makeup, and need to blot at least once a day.  I get my oily skin from my mom, her skin was just like mine at my age. But now in her 60’s, her oil production has slowed down quite a bit, and she only gets a little glowy by the end of the day. My sister has the driest skin ever, she gets it from my Dads side (go figure), and that type of skin comes with its own set of problems.  She is always trying to keep her skin as hydrated and possible, but her skin doesn’t want to hold on to the moisture long-term, which is annoying. Combo is probably the most common, with most people being oily in the T-zone, and dry on the cheeks and chin. And normal is what we all hope and pray for… I don’t even like people with normal skin, they just have it too easy, no struggle! Haha! I kid… I kid (kinda)… but normal skin is the easiest to deal with, it’s the goldilocks of the skincare world. So if you have it, treasure it, because you’re one of the lucky ones!

Skin Conditions:

  • Dehydrated
  • Sensitive
  • Acne
  • Rosacea

Now, you may be thinking that there are more types of conditions, but actually they all pretty much fall under these 4 categories:

Dehydrated, now this one throws a lot of people off… Dry skin is oil-dry, meaning your skin lacks oil, but dehydrated means water-dry, meaning your epidermis is lacking water.  Oily people can be dehydrated (I see it all the time), and complain that their skin is ‘dry’, when in fact its dehydrated and needs surface rehydration, not more oil. People often confuse flaky or peeling skin as ‘dry’ skin as well, but in fact its dehydrated, totally different and in some cases needs a different treatment to help alleviate it.

Sensitive is such a blanket term for any and all types of reactionary skin problems.  Truly sensitive skin is sensitive all over your body, not just your face. If just your face is sensitive, then thats been caused by over using harsh/the wrong products for too long, and that is your skins way of telling you you’ve been overdoing it.  I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin (fun huh!?). The reason I say it’s sensitive is because I break out in bumps, rashes or hives if I so much as spray the wrong perfume on my wrist, or change my body wash or put a flea collar on my dog (its happened, no fun!).  But sensitive can also mean reactionary to different ingredients, or easily irritated or delicate in general.

Acne is a skin condition that I will go into much more in a later post. I could write forever on the topic, it’s my specialty as far as being an esthetician, and I’m very passionate about helping people learn how to treat it.  But basically, acne is an inflammatory skin condition that is brought on by the P. Acne bacteria. It can form on all skin types, but shows up most commonly in oily skin.

And finally rosacea…rosacea is another inflammatory skin  condition that we are still learning so much about.  It can be genetic, or brought on by stress or hormones, or can be linked to acne as well. I will also do a post discussing this issue further, but it’s a tough one that’s for sure!  Skin with both acne or rosacea, can (and usually does), fall under the sensitive category as well, which is why they can both be do hard to treat.. but don’t fret! There is hope out there for everyone!

I hope this gives you just some basic info on your skin, maybe you’ll now be able to label and understand your skin just a little bit more. Like I said, I will be going into these different conditions further in the future, but wanted to give you guys some key terms for what I will be discussing later on. Thanks for reading!

XO ~ Jennifer







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