I LOVE face masks, I think they are the quickest, most effective and easiest way to boost your skin.  I use masks about 3-4 times a week, but then again, I’m an esthetician, so I really know what my skin can handle.  But I do think that everyone should be using a face mask about once a week.   I’ll break down which masks are good for which skin conditions below, but how I like to use masks are: at night, after a good cleanse, and then I layer on my products like normal after I remove the mask.  Masks can leave your skin feeling cleaner, smoother, more even or more hydrated… If you’re not using them, you’re missing out!

Clay/Mud Masks: Best for acne prone or oily skin. My favorite clay mask ever is GlamGlow SuperMud… It  can do no wrong in my book! Full face or spot treatment or even in combo with other masks, I love it! It literally pulls the dirt and oils out of your pores and calms down even cystic lesions quickly. But any and all clay/mud masks will be detoxifying, clarifying, and a little drying, which is good for acne and oily skin. Charcoal masks also fall under this category, charcoal is able to help detoxify and pull impurities out of the skin, it’s a great ingredient! 53a0a5efde4f8_-_cos-01-glamglow-de

Cream/Gel Masks: Best for dehydrated, dry or mature skin.  These kind of masks don’t harden up, they stay creamy/gel-like and deliver tons of hydration and antioxidants to the skin.  These masks are good to use after an exfoliating or clay mask to give the skin back what it needs. Peter Thomas Roth makes some great gel masks, and most skincare companies have some version of a hydrating mask in their line. So sometimes I’ll do the SuperMud first, and then layer a gel mask on after I remove it to give my skin the feeling of almost having a facial!

Exfoliating Masks: Enzyme or acid masks are a great booster to help turn over dead skin cells and brighten the skin. Pumpkin, papaya and pineapple enzyme masks work by eating the dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface of your skin.  Glycolic, lactic, or salicylic masks work by doing a clean sweep of the very tippy-top layer of your skin, removing it completely, which allows any follow up products to be able to penetrate your skin better. I like to use exfoliating masks in combo with gel or clay masks to really give the skin a nice boost.  I know that the pumpkin mask from Peter Thomas Roth is a good one, as well as the YouthMud from GlamGlow.

Sheet Masks: Great for any and all skin types! Sheet masks are a great way to deliver tons of hydration to the skin very quickly. There are often lots of different kinds of sheet masks, try to find ones that don’t contain fragrance and has the key wording that is right for your skin (hydrating, purifying, acne clearing, anti-aging, etc). The sheet being saturated with ingredients allows them to be delivered into the skin quickly, while the sheet acts like an incubator to make sure none of that good stuff evaporates away. They can be used once or twice as needed, or more if your skin is severely dry.


Multi-Masking: I like to use multiple masks at one time too. So if my chin and is acting up or my chin is extra oily, I’ll use a clay mask on those areas, and then do a gel mask on my cheeks and anti-aging mask on my forehead. Again, I am an esthetician, so have access to many products, but this is just another option to utilize some of the masks you may have laying around.

I hope this guide is helpful and that it inspires you to start using masks regularly!

XO~ Jennifer

*I said ‘masks’ A LOT in this post! Thanks for reading it that many times 🙂

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