Another quick post, and a huge gripe of mine: why do they add fragrance to skincare products?!!! It drives me crazy that most all drugstore, and high-end products for that matter, (have you smelled LaMer?) have fragrance or perfume added to them! It’s so unnecessary and is such a skin irritant for anyone with sensitive, acne prone or reactive skin, that I don’t know why product lines formulate with them! All of the lines that we carry at the spa I work at, do not contain any added fragrance, their smell comes naturally from the ingredients that are used.  I guess that skincare lines like Olay, Loreal, Aveeno and Biore feel like you’ll only use their products if you like the smell of them? I even checked today, and the ‘Yes To…’ line (which I thought was supposed to be well formulated) actually contains fragrance too! Sheet masks are tough ones to find fragrance-free, and I just hate the thought of driving all that perfume deep into my skin.

There are a few skincare lines that are formulated without fragrance/perfume from the drugstore, they are: Simple, Neutrogena Naturals, Alba Botanicals seems to good, and so far as I’ve checked Elf skincare (believe it or not) seems to not have added fragrance.

So here’s an example :38137116249_3.jpg

This is Aveeno Positively Radiant night cream, and this is the ingredients list.  Fragrance is listed pretty high up (second column after Glycol), and there are about 15 or so ingredients after it. Most of the time I like to see fragrance or perfume as the very last ingredient, the lower on the list, the less of that ingredient there is in the product. I’m just surprised to see fragrance so high up on Aveeno’s ingredients list.

Now this isn’t to say that everyone needs to throw out their favorite product if it has fragrance or perfume in it. If you love it and it works well for you, then go for it! But if you have reactive, sensitive or acne prone skin, or you started a new product and your skin doesn’t seem to be doing well with it, check if it has fragrance and maybe try cutting it out, it may help. I just always try to check if a product has perfume or fragrance in it before I put it on my skin, because I know it can cause problems for me. Just wanted to throw this out there so you can also be aware of what in in your skincare… Hope this helps!

XO~ Jennifer

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