This is another quick post: What the deal with toner? Well here’s the deal: You don’t really need one, but if you like one, then use one! That’s pretty much it. But to explain further, toners were originally formulated to help remove the last bits of cleanser and makeup from the skin, back when we used to use the old school cleansers like Ponds cold cream.  It was a good idea to use a toner or astringent after using a heavily emmoliant cream cleanser to get off the buildup and actually balance the PH of the skin.  But nowadays cleansers are so well formulated, especially if you’re use a foaming cleanser, that it’s not necessary to use a toner to get the rest of the product off your face.

What toners/astringents/ tonics/ essences are good for:

  • A basic toner will usually be hydrating, calming or have anti-oxidants. It’s a simple and easy way to get a few of these ingredients into the skin. Another added benefit can be that when the skin is slightly damp it allows deeper absorption of the products you put on afterwards.
  • An exfoliating toner, like one with Glycolic (the one from Proactive has glycolic in it) or the Pixi glow tonic, is a gentle and easy way to get a few exfoliating ingredients onto your skin.  If you want a little cell turnover, or your skin can’t handle too may exfoliating ingredients, an exfoliating toner can be a great way to get that boost without damaging the skin.
  • Essences are like toners, but turned up a bit. They are usually full of skin loving ingredients and deliver a bit more as far as hydration and anti-aging benefits.  They are the new kids on the block and everyone wants to try one, if you like them, go for it, but think of them as a glorified toner.

In summary: toners are great if you like the extra step and enjoy going through cotton rounds like a crazy person. They can offer some benefits, but they are not totally necessary to the health of your skin.  Years ago the whole “cleanse, tone, moisturize” system was so drilled into our heads, we all think we need one, but it was really just a way for companies to sell you another product. Making sure to fully remove/splash the face with enough water after cleansing is sufficient enough that you will not need a toner afterwards.

Hope this helps! XO~Jennifer

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