I decided to splurge on myself for Christmas this year and got myself the very cool looking Dyson blow dryer.  It gave me immediate VIB Rouge status at Sephora, which was awesome, and I hoped and prayed it was worth the $400 I just spent on it! When it came, it was packaged and wrapped like an Apple product, it was so fun to open!


Fancy huh? IMG_8699.jpg

It almost made me nervous, all the fancy parts! It weighs hardly anything, but feels substantial all at the same time… it’s a very cool hair tool overall. IMG_8700.jpg

But…is it worth it? I have curly, relatively thick hair, that loves to frizz.  So most other hairdryers weren’t powerful or hot enough to really straighten or smooth out my hair.  That is not a problem with this one! It is crazy powerful, and has awesome heat settings.  I do feel like it cuts down hugely on my frizz/fly aways, and does seem to cut down on my dry time by a few minutes. I also really really love the diffuser on this dryer.  I so rarely wore my hair curly because in the winter, my hair wouldn’t air dry fast enough, and with my old dryer it just made my curls frizzy and fall apart. Not with this one, it keeps my curls smooth and defined and helps to dry them so fast, I love it!

My sister tried it as well.  She has fine, short-ish, color treated, curly hair, and really has a problem with getting the volume she wants from her hair. After she used this dryer to blow out her hair, we couldn’t believe how much volume she had and how shiny it looked! It still looked good the next day, which is rare for her.

Now this tool is not a necessity, but it is pretty great.  If it suddenly left my life, I would go out and buy it again, which I think says something. Can you get an amazing blow dryer for less than the crazy amount of $400, for sure! But if you want to splurge on a really awesome dryer, I say go for it… You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading! XO~Jennifer

More info on the dryer here


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