Skincare is not immediate, it didn’t take a day for your skin to be like it is, so it will take longer than a day to get it where you want it…

I think the biggest misconception when it comes to skincare and facial services, is that you will get immediate, life changing results. Now I’m not saying that a great peel, or a good skincare product can’t make a huge difference, they definitely can, but please be aware that in order for your skin to change, it takes time.

I have this scenario happen a lot as an esthetician: a 39 year old client comes in for a facial, they haven’t had a facial in 5 years, and they want to start getting serious about their skincare.  Great! But here’s where it gets complicated: they expect, in one facial, to overhaul their skin, correct their problems, and learn all they need to know about how to take care of their skin for the rest of their life.  Ok… Thats just unrealistic! And it’s just not possible.

If you haven’t been doing much for your skin for several years, you can’t just jump into a really aggressive skincare or facial treatment routine. You have to ease into it, that’s just what’s best for your skin.  The ultimate goal for an esthetician is to get your skin into it’s best shape, while also considering the long-term health and appearance of your skin.  If you’re too aggressive, like doing a microdermabrasion treatment twice a month, or really strong glycolic peels every week (I’ve seen both), you are over-thinning and actually aging your skin more in the long run. I know it seems like your doing the right thing, your skin feels smooth and clear and you think it’s anti-aging, but it’s too much!

Pigment is another issue where I see people wanting immediate results.  Heck, we all do! I get it! If the pigment is either from the sun or acne, or hormones, it all takes time to clear up.  Here’s the deal: it didn’t take a day for that pigment to form, so it’s not going to be fixed in a day either. Derms love to offer instant results, with hydroquinone (please don’t use this! I’ll do a more in depth post about it later) or laser treatments, but you will actually cause more damage and pigment in the long run because of this quick fix. As an esthetician I have to ask my clients to work with me, give me 6 months, and follow through with my recommendations to start to help correct their pigment.  It takes time to correct pigmentation! You will get better, longer lasting results when you give your skin some time to correct, versus forcing it to correct with an aggressive bleach or laser.

All I’m saying is that you have to give your skin time, time to correct, time to heal, time to repair, and time to allow your products to work.  When you start a new product, unless it immediately breaks you out, or gives hives or a rash, it’s best to give it 6 months of continuous use in order to see if it’s doing anything. I know clients who are like: well I tried it for a few weeks and didn’t see any difference, so I stopped. Ok, well, if you’re adding in an anti-aging serum, or a new moisturizer, there’s no way you could see major changes in your skin so quickly, so again, give it time. We are all so used to things being  immediate in todays world, and it’s hard to get into the mindset of allowing time for things to work or change… but the best things in life are worth waiting for, and I think that good skin is worth the wait!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on ““I want immediate results!”

  1. So glad to read this post. I tend to be similar to your clienst who want to see results quickly. We usually know it can’t be instant but sometimes we still hope for a miracle!! Thanks for the reality check. Love your blog.


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