I’m going to go over a few of my favorite products! Now remember, I’m an esthetician, so I do have access to professional size products (hence the big GlamGlow mask), and a few things are from a private label line that we sell at the spa. So not all of these will available for you to purchase, but I will link the ones that are. So for a refresher: my skin is oily, sensitive and acne prone. My skin loves glycolic and salicylic acid and manual exfoliation. I also incorporate masks a few nights a week, heres a link to that blog post: ‘Masks… use them!’

So for AM I try and keep it simple: I use either the Pore-Clearing cleanser and a charcoal scrub (the big tube that says ‘Resurfacing’, it’s private label, sorry!) after I cleanse,  or I use the Glyco-Gel cleanser on its own.  I usually use the scrub about 2-3 times a week, and then use the glycolic cleanser on the days I don’t use the scrub. When I get out of the shower I use the B5 Serum all over and add a little more around the eyes, I can’t use a traditional eye cream, they always make me break you 😦 Then I use the It Cosmetics CC+ cream, which has anti-aging benefits and has an SPF 50. The I go on and do my makeup after that. On days when I’m not doing my  makeup, I’ll use the PCA weightless SPF 45 as my final step.


For PM I go a little more aggressive. I always use a Simple makeup wipe to remove my makeup, and then I cleanse with either the Ultra Gentle gel cleanser or the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud cleanser (I LOVE treatment cleansers if you can’t tell!) Then once or twice a week I use the DermaClear pads, its like a mini-peel, since they’re pure salicylic acid. On the nights I do that I layer the B5 serum on top and call it a night.  The other nights I’ll do a mask, depending on how my skin is behaving, take it off and then layer the B5 serum and then top it with the DermaClear serum which is a 12% glycolic serum. Then I use spot treatments as needed, my favorite being the GlamGlow SuperMud.  IMG_8909.jpg

I also get facials with thorough extractions about every 8 weeks, and try to get a HydraFacial in a few times a year. I’ll post more about that facial treatment later, but here’s a link to more info for now: HydraFacial

I will also be doing a post on my favorite acne spot treatments and how I help keep my breakouts under control later, but this is my pretty consistent daily routine as of right now.  Hope this offers some good info 🙂

Thanks for reading!

XO~ Jennifer

*I am not affiliated with any of the companies/websites I linked above, I just know that these places sell the correct products at the correct prices, so you’re sure to get the right stuff 🙂

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