Brows are sisters, not twins!

Eyebrows are my passion. I’ve been doing my friends eyebrows since freshman year of highschool.  It’s one of my specialties and what I’m known for at my spa. I’m always silently judging people with bad brows and always staring, amazed, at people who have enviable brows.  I spend 15 minutes everyday perfecting my own brows, making sure that they are symmetrical and perfect (I’m SUCH a perfectionist when it comes to my own!).

IMG_8780.jpgBefore and after on my own brows, its amazing what brow pencil can do!

My favorite brow products are the Loreal Brow Stylist Definer pencil, I use  the color Brunette.  I wish they had a better color selection, but I do feel that this is a better version of the Brow Wiz, and so much cheaper! I also love the Benefit Gimme Brow, its a quick and easy option for my more minimal days and really holds the brows in place. I also use any clear brow gel to hold them in place after I use the pencil, right now I’m using the Cover Girl clear mascara, which works just fine. Unknown.jpegUnknown-1.jpeg

Here are a few before and afters on my clients.

IMG_0209.jpg This client comes in once every few months, she has GREAT brows! They are so full and she doesn’t touch them, so I always have so much to work with, I love it!

IMG_0227.jpgThis just a touch up, since this client comes in once every 3-4 weeks. She has awesome brows, but it shows you what consistent maintenance does, it helps to hold the shape of your brows for longer.

IMG_0228.jpgThis client had come to me after having had a bad experience at a well known brow place (*cough* Benefit *cough*). They had made her brows so uneven,  that it took us a while to get them back in shape.  But she has such fun brows to do because they are full, and have such a great natural arch.

IMG_0237.jpgThis client and I have been growing in, and perfecting her brows for a while. Even though her brows are thinner and little sparse, I feel we make them look more even and full after a wax and tint.

IMG_0266.jpgThis client hadn’t been in in a while.  She has such great brows to work with! This is an example of how much a difference trimming can make.

So as you can tell I like natural, even, arched eyebrows.  I really take each clients face shape and hair growth into consideration, and I’m always perfecting their shape with each appointment. I do feel brows should start at the tear duct area, and I like to leave the tail as long as possible. Trimming is almost as important as waxing or tweezing in my opinion, because that can really change the shape of the brow. I prefer soft wax when waxing, and I do use Tweezerman tweezers to perfect them. But brows are very individual and every esthetician has a different eye, this is just how my eye likes brows to look.

Clients who are new to me are always a little nervous before I start, and understandably so! So many people have had bad brow waxes, that it can be stressful trying to find a new person you trust. But the best brows in my opinion are ones that work with your natural shape, bring out your arch and help to make those sisters as close to twins as possible. If you’re looking for a place to go, I always say to ask around, and if you see someone with great brows ask her where she goes, there’s no better way to find a good waxer. But if you need to correct a bad wax, allow at least a month of growth to happen before seeing someone new, that way they will be able to see where and how your brows grow. And, to each their own, but a $10 brow wax, is a $10 brow wax. I’ve corrected many a cheap brow wax in my day. I charge between $25-$27 for a wax and you get what you pay for, in my opinion.

And when it comes to brows, less is more. Don’t have a glass of wine and think: I think my brows need to be plucked! I’ve heard it before, a few times actually, so it’s a thing I like to remind people not to do. But the natural shape of your brows are probably not too far off from where they need to be.  Please don’t turn them into sperms, please don’t make them an upside-down U, please don’t shave them off and draw them in instead.  Brows frame your face, so when your frame is off, the whole picture is off. It sounds silly to make such a big deal about eyebrows, but we all know someone with terrible brows and that’s all we can see when we look at them.

Soon, I will be flying to Utah to get certified in brow micro-blading tattooing, so that I can perfect eyebrows even more. I can’t wait! I will blog about my journey, and post some before and afters once I get them. I just wanted to do a post about a thing that I just love so much… eyebrows!

Thanks for reading! XO~ Jennifer

*I have permission from all of these clients to use their images on my blog, thanks guys!

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