Just thought I’d offer up a few tips, fun facts or advice to people that are going to, or are looking for an esthetician. I’ve worked on thousands of people in my over 13 years in the industry, and I’ve learned a few things…

  • Please know the name of the products that you’re using, especially the prescriptions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked people what they’re using at home, and I get: “ummmm… it’s in like a grey tube”. Well, that’s not very helpful! Sometimes people don’t know what their prescriptions are for, and I have to ask like 10 questions to try and narrow it down. It’s really important for me to know what you’re using, especially if it’s from the Derm. It could have an adverse effect with products I want to use in treatment, so please know your products, or at least take pictures so you don’t have to remember all the names.
  • I know this may come as a surprise, but I don’t know every product line/product/treatment on the market. Hence needing to know what you’re using! I’m relatively informed on the really big/popular brands that are out there, but it would literally be a full time job to keep up on the new launches, services and products that are coming out all the time. So I end up googling  A LOT, and since I have pretty good ingredient knowledge, I can usually figure out what’s going on and/or what something is suppposed to do. I try and keep up, but I only know like 5 product lines really really well.
  • There are only so many skincare ingredients in the world. Formulators and scientists are not coming up with new advanced ingredients on a daily basis. And there are only a handful of raw material suppliers in the world, so everyone is pulling from those few places. That’s why when I see a $200 serum, I’m like : uh huh, I’m paying for that beautiful bottle and the model that’s in the ad, cuz how spectacular could it really be?
  • I dont care if you “didn’t put Retin-A by my brows”, I still can’t wax them! For those who don’t know, retinol travels. Meaning, that once it’s applied to the skin, and your skin absorbs it, it moves under the skin by a few inches. We did a test with a black light once (retinol is neon yellow under the light) and we couldn’t believe how far it had traveled down the neck from where we actually applied it. So even if you don’t apply it by your brows, it can get up there, and that means your at a much higher risk for skin being pulled off during waxing.
  • I’m an esthetician, not a plastic surgeon. I cannot give you the same results. And no, there is no replacement for Botox, only an injection can give you that result.
  • Please don’t come to see me, spend money and time with me, and then go to Sephora and listen to a 19 year old, who has no skincare training , on which eye cream you should be using. And then come back and complain that your eye area is irritated.
  • The best way to find a good esthetician, at least in my book, is to ask do a quick Yelp search (but don’t get too hung up on reviews, just get an overall sense of the place), and then ask around.  If you see someones brows that you like, ask where they go.  If someone has beautiful skin, ask who they see. I get about 75% of my clientele via word of mouth. I always say that my clients are walking advertisements for me, thats why I’m always so meticulous.
  • A good esthetician will tell you what your skin needs. Not the other way around. It’d be like going to a hairdresser and mixing your own color. Thats not your job, it’s mine. Even if I’ve been giving someone facials for a while, I always like to check in, see how their skin is doing and then customize from there. Maybe they just got off a plane, maybe they they just had some major stress, or maybe their skin has improved and needs something different than the last time. Point is, places that let you pick your service aren’t that good, or will just do what I call a ‘fluff and buff’ facial, that my feel good, but will not offer that  many results.

I’m sure that I will have a part 2, and part 3, there’s so much more I could write about! But I will stop here for now and continue on later. Anything that you would like me to touch on, let me know!

Thanks for reading! XO~Jennifer

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