This will be a quick one, but hopefully this advice will help save a few peoples skin!

Ok, so, I just don’t really get Mac makeup, I know, I know… I love makeup, how could I not like Mac?! Now there are a few reasons I don’t like it, but let’s start with the fact that I just don’t think it’s very good makeup. Any and all Mac makeup I’ve ever bought I’ve given away, thrown away or just plain not liked. So there’s that. But the other thing that drives me crazy, as an esthetician, is their makeup breaks people out like crazy! I don’t know what they’re putting in their foundations, face powders, bronzers and blushes, but man…. it really wreaks havoc on people’s skin. I can’t tell you how many clients of mine come in with bumpy, acne, problematic skin and when we start going through their product routine it’s all sounding great. So then we go into their makeup routine, and 9 times out of 10 they use Mac foundation. I’ve had clients come back after 1 month of quitting their Mac makeup and their skin is 50% improved. If you ever go to a Mac store, really try and look at the girls who work there’s skin. They all have beautiful makeup, that’s a given, but about half of the girls will have bumpy, textured, or broken out skin. I think it’s because Mac was originally created as stage makeup, meant to be used for short durations and needed to be seen from a distance. Well, day to day we don’t need that kind of makeup, it’s just too heavy and not well formulated, in my opinion. If you love your Mac lipstick or eyeshadows, go for it! But as far as their face makeup and powders are concerned, I say pass. There are so many other options that have better ingredients and will be kinder to your skin. All of this is just my opinion, you do you, but seeing the effect that Mac has had on many of my clients skin over the years, I just had to send out this PSA!

Thanks for reading! Jennifer



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