So here’s the deal… companies want your money, and they will say a lot of fancy stuff and create beautiful ads telling you why their products are SO great… We all know this… But for some reason, when it comes to skincare we all fall for the hype, why? Because we all want look young, beautiful and amazing for our age. So maybe THIS cream, or THIS serum will be the one to deliver on the results that I want.  But what most people don’t take into consideration is: is this product going  to work for my skin specifically? Not everyone can handle a retinol, not all skin likes vitamin C, Cetaphil is not a good cleanser for everyone (no matter what the Derms say!), and that eye cream may cause more problems than it will solve. Also take into consideration that only around 4-5 major companies own about 75% of the beauty brands out there, Loreal, Estee Lauder and Shiseido being a few of them. So they are all pulling from basically the same labs, same ingredients and same formulators for most of their product lines. And because they are so  big, they can spend a fortune on marketing and pricey ads and free samples so that you will buy their products. Hey, we all need to  make a buck, I get it, this is how businesses run, but just because its available doesn’t mean you have to buy it. That girl behind the counter at Nordstrom, she’s also part of the marketing, telling you how AMAZING this product is! But does she really know you skin? Did she ever give you a facial? Did she ask any background questions? Does she know what else you’re using or what you’re allergic to? Probably not. I can’t tell you how many of my clients, who have been seeing me a while for their skin, will come back in and say they went to Sephora, and they told her how amazing the Sunday Riley serums were… Cue breakouts and skin irritation. Or how their friend just started selling Rodan + Fields (don’t even get me started on that line!!), and they’re not sure if it’s working for them… Cue inflammation and texture problems… so then I have to explain to them why these aren’t a good idea, and to please get back on the products that I recommended that were working for them… it happens ALL the time. We all fall for the hype, I get it! I’ve fallen prey to it too! But please consider that La Mer isn’t as great as you’re thinking it is, it’s just hype.

Thanks for reading! XO’s~Jennifer

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