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Makeup can effect acne more than we realize… I always tell my clients to think about their makeup, especially their foundation, as a continuation of their skincare. People with acne get in a viscous cycle: they get some pimples, so they find a makeup that will cover it up, this causes more breakouts, so then they need a fuller coverage foundation, which causes more breakouts… and the cycle continues. Now I’ve struggled with acne for 20 years, I get it, we all want our acne to be invisible, or gone, in a perfect world! But you really have to take into consideration what will be best for your skin. Heavy liquid, cream, or stick foundations, while full coverage, will almost certainly cause you to break out. Primers (unfortunately) will almost always cause you to break out, as will heavy duty creamy concealers. All the things that seem like they are helping with the redness, texture and your own insecurities are actually just making everything worse.  And please don’t use Mac foundation, just in general! I wrote a blog about it, you can click here to read it.

I know it’s hard to imagine switching to a lighter coverage foundation, but it will drastically help your skin. I always recommend a mineral makeup, like Bare Minerals or Jane Iredale, because mineral makeup cannot be absorbed by the skin. Minerals sit on top of the skin like a breathable protective shield, and have a natural SPF.  So since your skin can’t absorb the makeup or pigments, it doesn’t cause more skin issues. I also like the It Cosmetics CC+ cream, for some reason it doesn’t bother or cause problems with my oily, acne, sensitive skin. But heavy cream or liquid foundations contain oils, heavy pigments, silicones, and fragrance, which will not help your acne prone skin. Many times during extractions I will literally be extracting makeup out of the pores, you can see the color difference from the top to the bottom of the clogging, it’s crazy! Now, for special occasions (prom, weddings, big events, etc) I do think it’s ok so use the primers, and the heavier foundations and concealers. But for day to day, please keep it light, simple and breathable, your skin will thank you!

Thanks for reading! XO’s ~ Jennifer

*PS… don’t forget to fully remove your makeup EVERY night! Use a makeup wipe (I like the ones from Simple) or a micellar water first, then cleanse, or do a double cleanse to make sure all that foundation is gone 🙂







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