I love a lot about skincare… serums, masks, newer, better moisturizers, but one of my favorites is cleanser! It seems silly, because cleanser is on our skin for the least amount of time of all of our products, but they really do a lot in that time. I have about 4 cleansers I’m using at any given time. Now, that is probably overkill, I am an esthetician after all, and like to use and try new stuff. So the lay person would probably only need 2 or 3 if they wanted to up their choices at home. My current favs are:


Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moore Mud cleanser. I use this about once a week to detox and help balance out my acne prone, oily skin. I love the mousse like foam it creates, and it leaves my skin feeling really clean, but not stripped dry.

$38 at Sephora 




I use something similar to this on a daily basis,  (what I have is for professionals only, sorry!) But this is very close, it’s gentle, foaming, and non-drying. I always use a makeup wipe (by Simple) before I cleanse at night, but this is also an awesome AM cleanser since you don’t need anything aggressive in the morning.

$4.69 at Target





I use this about twice a week as a second cleanse. This is an awesome glycolic foaming cleanser, and is nice when you want an AHA and not just scrub to do some exfoliation.

$33 on Dermaquest.com






I also love the C-Esta cleansing gel from Jan Marini. It’s gentle, foaming, and has awesome anti-aging properties to it. Can be used daily, or just at night as a treatment cleanser. $35 on JanMarini.com



I also found an awesome resource that has great, honest, scientific reviews of any and all products that you might be curious about, but I especially liked the one for cleansers.  Click here to read Reviews.com awesome article on the top selling, most loved cleansers on the market today. These above are just what I’m using/what works for me. My skin type is different than most, so it’s nice to have a resource that can help any all skin types find a great cleanser. Hope this helps! And happy cleansing!

XO’s~ Jennifer

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