images.jpegWe all know the basics: wash your face, wear your sunscreen and use retinol… But these are a few extra tips that will help anyone to maintain good skin forever:

  1. Use a silk pillowcase. This is a simple swap that will change your life. Silk doesn’t tug on the skin, it keeps your hair smooth, won’t pull moisture from the skin or hair, and is naturally hypoallergenic. I like this one from Amazon. And change your pillowcases weekly, or biweekly if you use a lot of hair products, this will really help your skin.
  2. Switch to fragrance-free detergent. This one is in the same vein as using products without fragrance or perfume. Using towels, wash cloths and pillow cases that have a lot of fragrance in them will cause inflammation or unnecessary irritation on the skin.  This is a good one especially for acne prone or sensitive skin. I just use All Free and Clear, cheap and at Target.
  3. Be consistent with your skincare routine. Switching up products every day, week or month is just a way to confuse your skin and not allow any one product to really work. The only products that you can switch around as often as you’d like is cleanser, since it’s not on your skin for very long, and masks. But serums, exfoliators, moisturizers and SPF’s need to be used consistently for at least half a year to see their full effect.
  4. Think of your makeup (foundation, powder and concealer) as an extension of your skincare. Other products like eyeshadow, blush and bronzer are not as much of a concern since they all sit on top of your foundation. When you think about it, if you wear foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB Creams everyday, it’s sitting on your skin for more hours of the day than your nighttime products. So using a heavy foundation, or one that causes irritation or breakouts, is not helping your skin no matter how good you are with your skincare products. I like It Cosmetics CC cream, which has awesome anti-aging skincare infused into it, or mineral makeup because it really allows the skin to breath while offering a natural SPF. Save the heavy duty stuff and primers for special occasions and allow your skin breath a bit everyday.
  5. WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES!!! I can’t overstate this enough!!! Every week you must wash your foundation, powder, concealer, bronzer and blush brushes without exception! I use warm water, baby soap and this awesome brush cleaning mat from Amazon which cuts down on scrubbing time, and gets brushes super clean. Brushes harbor so much bacteria, that using brushes you haven’t washed in a  while is like using a dirty diaper to apply your concealer. It’s that bad. So please, please, please…. WASH YOUR BRUSHES!


I hope this little list gives you a few more helpful tidbits on how to take better care of and maintain good skin for years to come! Thanks for reading!

XO’s~ Jennifer

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