UnknownUnknown-1.jpeg  Acne and your diet….

Now I know that we all don’t want to hear this, but the foods you eat do effect your acne, womp womp 😦 The biggest culprit in this area is unfortunately dairy (womp womp again!) because even if you get THE best dairy products that are organic, hormone free, grass fed, etc., milk is still a product of a lactating animal that is full of hormones because it’s able to produce milk. I know, I know… You love your yogurt, and your latte, and your ice cream, and for gods sake CHEESE! But if you’re really struggling with your skin, especially cystic acne, I recommend cutting dairy out for 8 weeks and seeing how your skin does. I have had a lot of success with acne-prone clients who have changed their diets, and they always say that it is much easier than they were expecting. The main changes seem to be: less red, ‘angry’ skin, less cystic lesions, and less whiteheads.

Sugar is the next major one, but we all know that sugar is bad for us in general. But because sugar is inflammatory in the body, and acne is an inflammatory disorder, cutting back will definitely help. Now sugar is a hard one to cut back on, and tends to sneak in a bit, but try and be as good as you can. Avoid things that are obviously sugary and drink plenty of water to flush your system when you do splurge.

Caffeine is also another stimulant for acne and rosacea, for obvious reasons. It can dilate the veins, and cause flushing and unnecessary redness/stimulation in the skin. A cup in the morning is not going to cause problems, but if you’re a chronic all-day coffee drinker or you rely on RedBull, you may want to consider cutting back.

Now, we could all be better with how we eat, but when I ask my teen clients what they eat in a day and its: yogurt for breakfast, pizza at lunch, Frappucino and candy in the afternoon, and a mac and cheese at dinner, well… there may be some room for improvement. This is such a ‘duh’ statement, but eating something green everyday, along with other fruits and veg will greatly improve your skin and body. Your skin is your biggest organ, so we need to try and help it as much as we can. And when most of the time you’re eating well, that sugary treat won’t cause as much damage as it used to, yay!

Also drinking plenty of water is always a good idea, not because it acts like a moisturizer on your skin, because it doesn’t. But because it helps to flush out your system, get rid of toxins, and helps your body overall to function better and repair faster.  I like to add chlorophyll drops to my water when I can, it’s great at helping the body to naturally detox, and helps support the immune system.

I hope this reminder to treat your body better, so your skin treats you better, helps! Thanks for reading!

XO’s~ Jennifer

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