Ok, let’s get into the whole essential oils thing. I’m just gonna say, as a skincare professional, who works on a lot of people, and sees a lot of skin issues and ailments…. PLEASE don’t mix, blend, or create your own essential oil skincare blends for your skin!!! I don’t care what that DoTerra rep is telling you, or how amazing your friends skin is doing with that rosemary and tea tree blend, please don’t do it. The thing with essential oils, be it single or a blend, is they are very active, and can irritate or exacerbate problems with the skin. People with acne should really stay away from essential oils, except for tea tree (but never use it full strength on the skin), since they are too stimulating. If essential oils were so great and so easy to mix and blend for each skin type, thats how all of us in the skincare industry would make products. Your skin needs so much more than just a very simple blend of 2 or 3 essential oils blended into a base oil.  The reason the skincare industry spends a lot of money and time on formulations and the science the skin, is because your skin is very complex. So while that lavender may smell good, it’s not really doing much more for you than some aromatherapy… sorry to say. I do know a lot of skincare lines use essential oils to stabilize their products naturally, which is fine, but they are usually used in small doses and are just a part of a bigger formulation of active ingredients. Now if you’re currently using an essential oil  blend of your own making and you’re loving it, then I guess keep using it. But what I will say is that that product isn’t doing that much for your skin. In it’s place I’d rather see you use something with awesome ingredients like: peptides, antioxidants, plant stem cells, or hyaluronic acid, to really create some change and have real anti-aging effects for your skin. I’m all for diffusing oils in a room, or using them for other things besides skincare, so keep using them in other ways, just not on your face please!

I hope this helps and that I didn’t crush your essential oil dreams! I just know what works, and essential oils aren’t it…. Thanks for reading!

XO’s~ Jennifer

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